It is a great pleasure to announce that the NSDDB-2019 is scheduled to be held on December 17-18, 2019. Encouraged by the over-whelming response to the NSDDB-2018 symposium held last year, this year we have organized the symposium around developments at both national and international level that may provide a big impetus to the field of data analytics and Biocuration in India. It is our endeavor to highlight such developments and provide opportunity to young investigators to better understand the impact as well as the vision that drives these developments. Some of the ‘Hot Topics’ of this year’s lectures include the ‘National Biological Data Policy’, the Earth Biogenome Sequencing project, Human genome re-sequencing, Microbiome data generation etc.
We invite everyone to register for the symposium at the earliest and look forward to meeting all the participants at the symposium.